Spring 2018 Poetry

The Cycle

"Feeling lost and removed. / An afternoon slips away."

- Aleksandra Patalita, '19

A New Day

"Ships begin to sail in the distance / As they begin their day’s work."

- Aleksandra Patalita, '19

In The End

"Nightmares, fears and anxieties. / Total chaos. /Beauty?"

- Hadeel Hosheshi, '21

How does one stop hate?

"Turning hate to love is the only solution / Using the power that you acquired through your life."

- Austin Dobrovech, '18

Our World

"A world full of fear. / We must speak up."

- Aleksandra Patalita, '19

Day One

"I knew redemption lay across my back"

- Habe Conlon, '20


"So I’ve decided to pose a question, and see if I get a reply why, God?"

- Lila Benz, '18


"A child imagining a world inside a snowglobe"

- Alethea Shirilan-Howlett, '20


"He’s alone. / Sitting here / On these steps."

- Laura Kalantarova, '21

School Ghazal

"Senior year finally comes, and you reflect on your time."

- Aleksandra Patalita, '19

Wounded Knee

"Before I went down, no one, not a soul could find me on the mountain"

- Habe Conlon, '20


"Yet there lives a broken, lonely child who loves to sing."

- Kai Gesek, '20


"Each day, he’s there, waiting for me with immense joy and great love"

- Kai Gesek, '20


"Running in circles, searching for something to believe in"

- Kai Gesek, '20

Along For The Ride

"Doors with their locks keep you safe inside, / And I'm trying to get in. But I'm just along for the ride."

- Kai Gesek, '20

Turning Pipe

"His senses no longer fight the sights / They’ve left leaving a hole in his reasoning"

- Clayton Reynolds, '19


"The words in my head struggling, wanting to be told but yet stay unsaid"

- Kai Gesek, '20

A Dollar and a Half & ‘Bacco

"This old Indian man had a face like no other, almost seemed chiseled carefully, out of the stone that he walked on."

- Haberle Conlon, '20


"...the childish emotions kick in, contorting your hopes for a better possibility..."

- Alex Yoo, '20


"Many things stop growing. / But not all must come to an end."

- Aleksandra Patalita, '19


"Great things do come from the lessons that we share. / Happiness comes from others, our friends, our families."

- Aleksandra Patalita, '19


"Us teenagers, we forget there is more to life, / Than just our social media profiles, and how others perceive us."

- Aleksandra Patalita, '19

Rye Whiskey

"Chickamauga midnight encapsules me as the trees bleed into the buckets"

- Habe Conlon, '20

Stick Figure

"But stick figure drawings don't need to worry about what's hidden between their legs..."

- Hadar Pepperstone, '18


"Love wasn’t enough? /Maybe I just wasn’t enough."

- Laura Kalantarova, '21


"If all our voices stop, that’s when it’s won- The silence and oppression."

- Kai Gesek, '20


"Sprouted by embarrassment, come the flowers / Outclassed and bought out"

- Clayton Reynolds, '19

Special Day

"Today, when I arrived, / they closed schools"

- Amelia Hesler, '20


"I string the stars together"

- Angelina Smith, '20