"Where Shall Beauty Be?"

Juju Zikry ’17

"Man of My Dreams"

Juju Zikry ’17

"Just Like Everybody Else"

Juju Zikry ’17


Anika Tyson ’19


Michale Schueler ’18


Kate Salvo ’17

"Watch Me"

Chloe Parrat ’20


Ikechukwu Okereke ’20

"Quanity Over Quality"

Abby Morgan ’20

"An Old Man’s Consolation"

Noah Koch ’19

"Forgotten Cries"

Bobby Asier Grant ’18

"The Cry"

Grace Feng ’20

"Colin Kaepernick"

Joe Esposito ’17

"Two Faced Action"

Donnavon Coughlin ’18

"Ode to My Heart"

Maddi Brown ’19