2020-2021, Poem

Lurking Winds

Featured in the 2021 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

Lurking Winds
Hannah Fuchsberg, '23

The breathtaking feeling
Soaring downhill as a young kid
The wind blowing against your face
Your hair defies gravity
Your smiles ripen

The crisp cool air
Makes you forget
What, I cannot say
Because I too have forgotten

The beauty emerges in everything
Insistent weeds
Beautiful flowers

The friendly grins of your neighbors
As the sun burns a smile into your face

The chilling glass of lemonade
Chugging as you lean back in your chair
The floor creaking beneath you
Your reward for the day’s feat

Going to the orchard
And biting into a juicy peach

The feeling of sticky,
Sappy hands

The memories
Resonate with in you

To bring hope, love, laughter, joy
Even in the toughest of times

For the wind shall not go anywhere

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