2020-2021, Poem

Swooned Moon

Featured in the 2021 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

Swooned Moon
Mannat Mahal, '24

Handcuffs lightened up by the swooned moon
They clank every time I try to escape, swooned moon
Do you know how I may break out of this circle that looks just like you, swooned moon?
Silver plates coming from the bottom of the long rectangle when you arrive, why did they stop coming, swooned moon?
Silver plates stopping the monster in my abdomen, what was it, swooned moon?
Ripped clothes all filthy from the dirt climbing up my body, why won’t they believe me, swooned moon?
They put me here because I committed a sin, a sin of what type, swooned moon?
You must know since you come every darkened day, don’t you, swooned moon?
The blood stopped coming a while ago, but the metallic smell still hasn’t gone with you, swooned moon
The silence is too loud for me, I try to scream but I can’t hear anything, swooned moon
I thought that the birds had a sound, but I suppose it was only in my head, swooned moon
Why don’t you speak, for it would be great to hear something, swooned moon
It’s slowing prying me open, I wasn’t supposed to be here, neither were you, swooned moon.
How it loves to come at night to laugh at me, the swooned moon
Do you find glee in seeing me sob here each night, swooned moon?
I never go to sleep, but I keep waking up here, swooned moon.
It gives me company although I know it’s not for long with you, swooned moon
When will you help me leave this place, swooned moon?
I want to see the outside, if there is one, swooned moon.
For I have done no crime but still it arrives as the world goes black, the swooned moon
Green snakes have started to grow on all sides of my chamber, who sent them, swooned moon?
White cotton balls are growing from my head, what does it mean, swooned moon?
I can’t seem to speak, only think, for my thoughts are what are devouring me, swooned moon
It seems it’s time for me to leave, swooned moon
Will you still come when I am lying here cold, motionless, and maybe up with you, swooned moon?
Maybe it’s time for you to leave too, together with the swooned moon.

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