2014-2015, Poem


Featured in the 2014 Fall Issue of Rambunctious

Colin Howe, '16

Nature builds herself into entropy
as I stand in her cathedral.
Arches of stone and vine
meticulously constructed by masses unseen
each notch, each buttress builds upon the other
Winding into the heavens with fervor 
to reach some opaque object of desire.

I’ve heard her organs echo.
Pipes bombarded by a constance of froth,
Bouncing on the moss covered lines,
to pull into life the most beautiful of chords.
Resounding off cavernous cliffs
layered with muted colors. 
Ochre abruptly yields to chalk grey
building into the pale yellow
of a sun left in the sky too long.

I can taste the sweetness of the air,
dancing on my tongue.
A vibrant samba fitting for the warm leaves
shy in their passage of me
As if lingering for a moment,
building courage to break from their peers,
and to find themselves upon a greater journey

Her cool waters baptize my feet
As my gaze reaches the fullness of her grandeur
And I am humbled
Left to bask in my own insignificance
Petty troubles drown in her brook
As a cloak of mist coaxes me back to peace.

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