2014-2015, Poem


Featured in the 2014 Fall Issue of Rambunctious

Julia Skeval, '16

Pain is falling off a bike or losing a loved one
I didn’t know it could have two eyes and a heartbeat.
One day I will dig up the memories and mistakes but
until then, I am stuck believing you will come back and
that we are still golden.
Time is an allusion and it had always escaped us
but now those days and months are coming back and
our hearts are made to only beat so fast.
I am running, shaking, trying to control this mess
you’ve made but the storm is inevitable and
the screams amongst the silence is piercing;
but you don’t hear them, you don’t feel the voices.
You were the one who broke us yet I am left to rebuild
the kind of life I never wanted.
We used to watch the stars and sometimes they’d shine
a little brighter and I’d feel a little lighter
but now my blood is cement and one day I will turn to
statue and with one blow I will fall and smash to pieces
and you will be left with no instructions on how to put
the broken back together.

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