2014-2015, Poem

Why Worry?

Featured in the 2014 Fall Issue of Rambunctious

Why Worry?
Tate Horan, '17

All I do is worry, worry about things that I shouldn’t,
Worrying about things that I can’t do, always saying I couldn’t.
I always stress about school and the work that I have after,
Instead of walking through the halls spreading all of my laughter.
I always worry about my plans, and what I have to do for the day,
Instead of letting things play out, telling myself it will be okay.
I stress about doing homework and getting good grades on my tests,
Instead of relaxing and actually getting some rest.
I even worry about others, when they are having troubles, 
But I’m told to mind my own business and stay out of their bubble.
Even with that said, there is something that’s stuck in my head,
And I think about it during those last few moments in bed.
That I’m just a speck in the great big world of people,
In a world of death and disease, but threw all of this upheaval,
I still worry about all of my problems that are dumb,
And when it comes to problems that matter in this world, I’m numb.

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