2014-2015, Short Story

In All of Us

By Griffin Netti

I was alone in a room. It looked like it was a library, but not at the same time. It may have been a personal study. There was a bottle on a nightstand. It was a greenish color. It glowed ominously. My first thought was it may be radioactive. It had a single piece of masking tape on it which said Q2K. I had no clue what it meant. There was also a small note next to the bottle that said only a few words, “Drink it all.” 

I took the serum, Q2K, not knowing what it would do. It tasted weird, and I wanted to spit it out but I couldn’t, it was already down my throat. It stung like it was almost a toxic fluid. As soon as it went to my stomach, it started to burn. I could feel it tearing the lining of my stomach to shreds. As soon as it hit me, I knew that what I had done was a horrible idea, and that I couldn’t reverse what was about to happen. I sat in a chair for what felt like three hours but the clock above the fireplace said it was only thirty minutes. I later fell to the ground in pain and agony. I could hardly breathe. I felt a scorching paroxysm rush through my veins. I could feel the serum head to my brain and eat away at it like little parasites. There were thousands of them. I let out a blood-curdling scream. I tore the study to pieces. Whoever owned it was going to be pissed after he saw what I had done. I thought I was about to die. I felt my heart stop, I had no pulse. I felt stiff. I stopped breathing. I blacked out all together.

I awakened about six hours later from last I looked at the clock. As soon as I stood up, I knew something was different. I first checked to see if my heart was still beating. It was. My pulse returned although I felt stiff and it hurt to walk. I felt stronger and mean, but I felt something else. It was indescribable it was… it was the feeling of pure evil… yet I had never felt as alive as I had then. I had to find a mirror to see for myself what had happened. There was a small handheld mirror by a bookcase. I took it up with my hand, and realized that my nails had turned into razor sharp claws. I was stunned by that fact. I had to see what else had changed. I took a look at my face it was… it had changed all together. I had fangs, my hair was longer, much longer, my eyes, they were those of a predator.

I felt something inside of me. It was another person. It took over. It told me that I must kill and that nothing will stop me. A man walked into the room. He must have been the owner of the study. He hadn’t noticed me yet. I stalked toward him. He saw my shadow cast by the fire. He quickly unsheathed a dagger from his belt, but he wasn’t quick enough. I had grabbed his head. He yelled at me to let him go, but something took over me, I couldn’t stop myself. It was the other being inside of me. It threw the man across the room I heard a snap and saw that his tibias were sticking out of the flesh of his legs. He let out a cry for help. I walked toward him and snapped his neck and later threw him into the fire.

After those events occurred, I took over, realized what I had done, and ran from the room, creating a hole in the wall. The thing inside of me took over once again and told me that even I can’t stop it. It let out an evil cackle and jumped to the ground, ripping anything that moved to shreds. I… I had lost control.