2014-2015, Poem

Lie to Me

Featured in 2015 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

Lie to Me
Ronni Merriweather, '17

Tell me that the facts of my reality don’t match the darkness of when my eyes are closed
Tell me that when I open my eyes, I will see the sunrise,
With white clouds against pink and blue skies…
Lie to me, tell me that my reality is as beautiful as I envision that sunrise to be
But I know, my vivid imagination is not a heroic figure,
It cannot save me from the harsh truth of my reality…
And that is… when I open my eyes I see the storm forming
Gray clouds carry my pain I never let the sky cry alone,
I lift my head to the heavens and let the rain mix with the tears of my own
The way thunder and lightning crashes has become the melody in the song of my life,
Lie to me.
Tell me that the mask I wear is beautiful
Tell me that you understand how my life and myself included are perfectly imperfect
Deep down inside of me even the truth lies…
Waiting to erupt from the pores of my body creating an emotional explosion, so please,
Lie to me.
Let me continue to imagine the sunrise when my eyes are closed,
Because when my eyelids part ways I am not prepared for the sunset,
Lie to me.
Because when I open my eyes I do not want to face the storm
Awakening to the storm, I’d rather be blind.

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