2014-2015, Poem

The Rain’s Heartbeat

Featured in 2015 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

The Rain's Heartbeat
Hannah Smith, '18

Rain is falling through the roof.
The drip drip
drip drip
drip drip 
sounds like his heartbeat.
I feel like anything I think about 
can somehow remind me of him.
I sit scrunched in the recliner,
knees to my face.
My tears refuse to come. 
Everything has frozen to listen to the rain’s heartbeat.
The stillness of the room
corresponds with the silence of the air.
Listen to the rain’s heart.
drip drip
drip drip 
It’s pulse taps on my deepest thoughts
like testing a microphone
like a knock on the door
of the room full of my reasons to cry.
It’s constant beat slowly pains me
but I love its essence.
How can I love something that hurts?
I don’t know.

One day the rain’s heartbeat stopped.
I sat scrunched in the recliner for hours,
knees to my face.
And finally the tears came,
but the heartbeat never did.
I think maybe it’s for the best.
No more pain.
But you’re wrong,
it hurts more sitting here alone
without the comfort of the rain’s heartbeat. 

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