2014-2015, Poem


Featured in 2015 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

Melissa Gao, '17

Red velvet seats all empty,
except for mine
All the red seats are empty,
except for mine
Ain't no fairytales playing on the movie screen, just
bits of reality, in my mind.

Past closing hours, gotta lock up
the movie theater
Past closing hours, gonna lock up
the theater
But the memories pull me back
to the current character.

Thoughts crash, lash, smash, bash,
clash in my brain
So many thoughts crashin', lashin', 
smashin', bashin', crashin' in my brain
My endless thoughts, I can't restrain.

Will or Strength—
a battle for control
Will or Strength—a battle for 
Raging within my tired soul.

The beat of war drums sound,
'round my head
Beating of war drums
sound, 'round my head
A nightmare of no dreaming in my bed.

Can't stop the storm of feelings, colors,
I can't stop this storm 
of feelings, colors and drama
Don't want the insomnia.

Shots going off outside
the theater door
Shots are going off
outside this theater door
Heat is escalating within this war.

Strength forces sheep soldiers,
to silently slink into the theater
Strength forces soldier sheep to silently 
slink, into the theater
Behind my eyelids, only numbers linger.

Roll the credits, 
movie's over
Roll the credits, the movie is
Don't want this war—strength
is the victor.

The movie theater, locked up by the
sheep regime
The movie theater is locked
by the sheep regime
Lead me
into the land of dreams.

closed doors, no war, turned off
the lights
closed doors, no war, turned
off the lights
smile on my 
sleeping face—a final goodnight.

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