2014-2015, Poem

Where I Am From

Featured in 2015 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

Where I Am From
Madeline Sullivan, '18

I am from what you may call
An all about me generation.
We have our iPhones
Vera Bradley bags and expensive clothing.

You walk into a store
And see a little girl throwing a fit.
Crying because she doesn’t get what she wanted.

Her nails look professionally done
And she’s wearing make up
Even though she’s nine and doesn’t need it.
It’s all because she’s a part of my generation.

No, we don’t listen to each other
Or anyone for that matter
We use Google instead of school.
And Instagram and Twitter
Just to keep the attention on us.

We like saying words like like
And literally in literally every sentence.
We keep our feelings
And thoughts to ourselves
Because we know we will be judged.

But it’s not our own generation
We worry about
It’s everyone else in the world.

We dress a little differently
And we get told we are spoiled.
We talk and act far from what are parents do,
That doesn’t mean we don’t have respect

School is still just as important
To us as it was for you.
Maybe a little bit more.
Yes sometimes we fool around
But wouldn’t you when the weight of the world
Was on your shoulders?
We couldn’t care less though
On how we dress
Or what religion you believe
We don’t care what skin color you have
Or who you love
And how you talk.

Because we are not the ones
Who are wasting resources
Or throwing our countries’ money out into the ocean
Nor are we starting wars over petty arguments
And miscommunications.

We aren’t judging anyone in our own generation.
There are so many people already
Telling us how to live
Where to go
How to act
And what to do.

I am from, an all about me
Returning generation.

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