2021-2022, Poem

A Garden of ephemera

Featured in the 2021 Winter Issue of Rambunctious

A Garden of ephemera
Alessio Vega, '23

Rocks, leaves, stamps, coins
Seashells we found on the beach
tickets, posters, pictures, poems
A Garden of ephemera

Wrapping paper, string, bows
A broad smile with a tentative touch
A warm embrace, soft sheets
A sunny indisposition

Jewelry, keys, bracelets, charms
Promises and plans we made
Skates, hiking boots, sandals
The sights and sounds of living in a moment

A cup of coffee, headache pills, shadowed eyes
Long nights, ruminated fidelity
Broken glass, tears, a cold bed
A pensive indisposition

The emptiness of my pockets
And cold empty hands
And the hollowness of my heart
The spaces between the lines.