2021-2022, Poem

a pearl in the sand

Featured in the 2022 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

a pearl in the sand
Gabby McNally, '24

i am just a pearl, my feet in the sand.
the waves that i see are so free.
the weight in my heart is an anchor
and you, my love, are the sea.

i am just a gull, singling loudly for you.
your waves that i see are so tidal,
for all time, and again, i will chase your flood,
because the beach, to a gull, is so vital.

instead of just planting my feet in the sand,
i am just the wind, whipping up breeze
i don’t know how your waves bend backward
i don’t know how you dance with such ease.

i am just a shell, stuck to your ear
and your waves aren’t how they used to be
they shape and form into something seductive
you are made for all the fish in the sea.

i am a pearl in a clam, pure and protected,
this you hold until i forget that it’s gone
but i stand before your waves, the many things i do hide
washed away with the tide at dawn

i am just a pearl, not gold or silver
just the rock of the land
nothing special, never to be heard again,
just me and my feet in the sand