2022-2023, Poem


Featured in the 2023 Winter Issue of Rambunctious

Aiden Bright, '25

Will you remember?
The day that you died
In sorrow’s embrace
With a veil around his face

Will you remember?
The day that I died
Smothered in lace
Yearning to be embraced

Will you remember?
The day that we died
In the silence and dread
Of a hundred words left unsaid

Will they remember?
The day that I screamed out their name
In a desperate attempt for fame
Before realizing my mistakes

Will the reader remember?
The tune of this song we sung
Since the start of the pain of the world
That’s slowly being unstrung

Will I remember?
How the words are supposed to assemble
And slide into each other, it’s fundamental
To understand why everything breaks

Will they remember?
The meaning of this routine
Getting scrambled in telephone wires
That will always remain unseen