2022-2023, Poem

The Best

Featured in the 2023 Winter Issue of Rambunctious

The Best
Tara Thorne, '24

You drink white, I drink red
Until we’re drunk enough to like each other
I ask why you see red
Everytime that we’re alone together
Maybe we’re better dead
But we’ll stay together ‘til our skin is leather
I can wait until your dead
Forever before I find another
I remember what you said
The night before you called my father
Told me that what I said had
Really changed the way you see “together”

So if I’m trying a bit too hard, forgive the way my hands are shaking
And if I walk a little bit slower, it’s only cause my back is aching
Why do you try to clean my heart like it’s grass beneath the leaves you’re raking
When will we finally learn our lesson that love is not ours for taking

You’ll go out, I’ll stay in bed
Miss you like I’m it's all I’m made for
And wonder why I stay in bed
When all you do is leave my heart sore
Waiting for you to come home fed
Put the food I made you in the refrigerator

I’ll try to forget my body, I’ll eat nothing till you like it
You’ll be gone, but I’ll still be yours, out of sight was never out of mind for me
Maybe we’ll really last forever, that doesn’t mean we’re better for it
I can wait for the tide to pull me back in soon I’m drowning

I like that you don’t like me
You never notice when my eyes are puffy
You like when my stomachs empty,
Means I’m hungrier for your love then
You say I’m yours, but I’m still lonely
I guess this is just the best I’m getting