2022-2023, Poem

Eating Sweets Through The Midnight

Eating Sweets Through The Midnight
Joseph Lore, '26

I was in my dark childhood bedroom
I under my heavy warm covers
Head resting on a white cold soft pillow
Trying to get into a deep comfy sleep
Under the bright midnight moon and stars

That horror movie from last night,
Just kept getting inside my head
So I crawled quietly out of of bed,
Like a slow and silent moving snail

I tippy toed down ancient crackling stairs
I trip down a couple dark broken steps
Onto my knees and hands nervously
Then moved through pitch dark halls
Stressfully trying not to get caught

I finally bump right into the cabins of gold
I quietly grip onto the cold metal handle
Opening the squeaky old cabinet as slowly as sloth
My jaw drops open, seeing all the treasure of gold

Faster than the speed of light,
I reach in for some jawbreakers
My jaw barley shuting with handfuls of sugar balls
A overwhelming amount drops out of my mouth

Spilling and hitting everywhere like falling rain drops of colorful marbles
Just Then loud platypus feet start rushing down the stairs
I feel my mouth trumble when the figure appears
Through the pitch dark a four legged creature appears

I have a stare down with my nutty dog
As I reach in for a long pixie stix
The size of a wild long rattlesnake
My dog starts to growl for a warning
I take me hand back into my pajama pocket

Then he walks back upstairs to his crate
With his tail wagging like he's the boss
I then don't hesitate to reach into the cabinets of gold
And stuff a long pixie stix down my throat

Before I know the kitchen light alarms on
My jaw drops open and a couple jawbreakers drop out
My parents eyeballing at me like a owl
Hiding behind them is my dog grinning and wagging his tail in evil laughter of joy