2022-2023, Short Story

Billford’s Big Question

By TJ Tanner, ’23

Billford walks down the hall of his high school with lots on his mind. The big dance
is next week and plans on asking out his crush. Billford rounds the corner and
approaches her.

“Hey Stacy,” he says

“Oh, hey Billford,” she replies.

“So, I have a question. Would you go to the dance with me?”

“Bliilford…I couldn’t” said Stacy.

“Why not? Is it because your still with…him? Billford says

“Why are you still with him even though he treats you so badly?”

“Billford you don’t know him like I do. And I think you should leave. He wouldn’t like

Just then waddling around the corner with brownish-black feathers and webbed
feet was him.

“Oh, Uh…Hey,” Stacy says nervously.

Stacy then goes for a hug but then is treated to nasty hissing and pecking. Stacy
then throughs some bread crumbs on the ground to ease his anger.

“You see, he’s just trying to use you!” said Billford.

“You just don’t understand our relationship,” says Stacy in tears.

“Just because he’s a goose doesn’t mean he’s not human!”

“That’s actually exactly what that means,” says Billford.

“Whatever we are leaving! Come Chad let’s leave.

Stacy then waddles away leaving Billford alone.