2022-2023, Poem

No Peace No Justice

No Peace No Justice
Mykaila Ricks, '26

Remember the government said
Covid 19 is we need to fear,
But when my sisters and brothers of color, looks like a threat
We are the ones to fear ,
People say that the government is here to protect and serve ,but who do I call when the murder
wears the Badge !How do you ,How can you Ignore that scream ,the
Screaming I Can’t Breathe !
Does the police get to decide who lives and who dies ,does the Government get to
decide whether, who lives matters and who doesn't ,is that the society we live in ?
Why can we just catch a break? Not just Black people but races of all color
Is it a crime to have colored skin,Is it a crime to own a nice car or to live in a nice neighborhood
without being judged or questioned? Is it a crime to stay in my own home or to take a walk in my
OWN skin?Is it a crime to be Human? Why Am I a threat? Do the children in our country have a
chance to live past the age of 16 ? I wonder who is next? The boy across the street from me or
the girl in my 6th period Algebra class?Or is the next victim ME