2015-2016, Poem


Featured in the 2015 Fall Issue of Rambunctious

Sophia Liaw, '19

There’s an age old question
That has become the poster child for philosophy
And mediocrity.
Low on conversational topics?
Throw in a cup full of precociousness
With a pinch of British accent,
Mix with - What is the meaning of life?
And presto!
Instant deep thinker
Sidenote: Independent thought not included
Let’s first take a step back to question ourselves
When on heaven and hearth
(Two much disputed topics)
Do we need to delve into the meaning of life
If we have not first checked ourselves
To see
If we
Are living?

“Life is such a precious, fleeting thing,
And we are no better than unconscious, expendable pawns,
If we let it get the best of us.”

There! That’s your blurb for this poem
In case you wanted to cut the crap and
Avoid spending the $24.99
On a coffee table ornament
You're never going to read anyways.

Waking up,
And going through the motions,
Technically means that you are alive.

But when was the last time
Adrenaline charged through your veins,
When you could honestly answer the question
Are you happy?
And lived.