2015-2016, Poem

u & i

Featured in the 2016 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

u & i
Abbie Leavitt, '18

if we were a bowl of fruit, 
you'd be the bowl 
and I'd be just the stem 
on the tip of an apple.

or if we were my hands, 
you'd be the left one 
and I'd be the scab
on the back of my ring finger.

and if we were the alphabet, 
you'd be letters E through O 
and I'd just be the line through the z, 
it doesn't even have to be there.

So if we were the supermarket, 
you'd be produce and dairy 
whereas I'd be a lone carrot- 
fallen from the bag,
sad on the floor.

but if we were the world, 
you'd be all the bodies of water: 
Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, Pacific, 
and I'd live deep within you. 
One minnow off the west coast

We exist together
in each universe of our own
my existence is just significantly to the lesser
an oddity to your greatness