2023-2024, Poem, Writing

It’s Vintage, Darling

It's Vintage Darling
Sasha Fagelman, '24

A fox-fur coat, race-track hat, juicy velour. 
Dead-wife’s collections (her former grandeur). 
Pomp and vanity, wrinkled–compressed.
A size 2 decades-old crochet vest.

Collected, curated, donated, bought. 
Ruffles fluffed and ribbons pulled taut. 
Felt covered hangers, circular racks. 
Once bright-plush-carpet, ‘70s slacks.

Dungarees, satin gloves, high fashion–Dior. 
Blouses (untouched!) since the Second World War. 
Lying in wait for the next lucky buyer,
Just remember: it doesn’t go in the dryer.