2023-2024, Poem, Writing

You Say That You Understand

You Say That You Understand
Aero Raulli, '26

You know how when the day starts to stretch out into an endless cycle of chaos?

You know when learning becomes a chore of great energy?

You know how the infinite stimuli make the room drown you with vibrations in the atmosphere?

You know when even a whisper seems like a bellowing typhoon pounding in your head?

You know how cheerful applause from a crowd feels like frozen needles puncturing your eardrums over and over and over again?

You know how much I would love to just shut off the world for a moment?

Sew everyone's lips shut to eliminate the abysmal sound?

Escape to a secluded planet only filled with the ambiance of nature?

Do you know? Do you know what it's like? Do you know how I feel? How I Hear? See? Touch? Smell? Taste?

Of course you don't. I'll conform for you, my dear.