Featured in 2014 Fall Issue of Rambunctious or 2015 Spring Issue of Rambunctious


  1. “Tiger” by Katie Tzivanis
  2. “Daisies” by Anna Smith
  3. “Lion” by Katie Tzivanis
  4. “Converse” by Sadye Bobbette
  5. “Doves” by Dalya Al-Hoshishi
  6. “Pen Design” By Macie Whitbeck
  7. “Blaze” by Cayla Dedrick
  8. “Clockwork” By Macie Whitbeck
  9. “Brushes” by Rebecca Wengert
  10. “Moonlight Sonata” by Arianna Hege
  11. “Croquet” by Shannon Theobald
  12. “Spring Flowers” by Dalya Al-Hoshishi
  13. “Eye” by Macie Whitbeck
  14. “Abandoned Lanterns” by Kerry Simizon
  15. “Cats” by Lauren Betram
  16. “Paint Can” by Matt Salbert
  17. “Julia’s Eyes” by Kate Norton
  18. “Moms Gift” by Sarah El-Hindi
  19. “Grapes” by Lauren Coli
  20. “Blue Chair” by Hannah Butler
  21. “Skull” by MacKenzie Maxam
  1. “Jellyfish” by Lauren Betram
  2. “Unhappy” by Julia Slisz
  3. “A Dress” by Kerry Simizon
  4. “Jaden” by Hayley Ripich
  5. “Abandoned Converse” by Urmi Roy
  6. “Beach” by Elizabeth Wright
  7. “Withered” by Macie Whitbeck
  8. “Stars and Stripes Forever” by Gabrielle Tanksley
  9. “Flower Garden” by Julia Silsz
  10. “Ladder” by Rachel Redmore
  11. “St. Basil’s Moscow” by Nick Koulouris
  12. “The Lake” by Nick Kolceski
  13. “Flower” by Rebecca Fuller
  14. “Barn” by Julianna Fitzgibbons
  15. “Shadow” by Emily Pike


  1. “Cars Eyes” by Elizabeth Wright
  2. “Chair” by Emily Shapiro
  3. “Hand” by Sarah El-Hindi
  4. “Dog” by Jake Greenway
  5. “Butterfly” by Sarah El-Hindi
  6. By Julia Dettor
  7. “Beauty” by Lizzy O’Brien
  8. “Autumn” by Eric Antosh
  9. Perspective by Julia Dettor
  10. “Swimming Swans” by Emma Gibson
  11. “Red Hood” by Elizabeth Glisson
  12. By Lexi Nicotra
  13. “Mountain” by Christos Kousmanidis
  14. “Mother Nature’s Furry” by Elizabeth Wright
  1. “Dust” by Katie Tzivanis
  2. “Vegas” by Hal Schulman
  3. “Sean” by Tate Horan
  4. “Flower” by Katie Tzivanis
  5. “Blue City” by Tate Horan
  6. “Alexandra” by Katie Tzivanis