About Us

The Rambunctious Literary Magazine is Jamesville-Dewitt High School’s award-winning publication of student writing, artwork, music, and more. Our staff is comprised of students from all grade levels and interests. Using Adobe InDesign, we develop and publish two magazines per school year, which are made available in print. Archives of student submissions are also accessible on this website. If you are interested in joining our staff or purchasing a magazine, email litmag@jd.cnyric.org or see Ms. Myers in room R34. 

Advisor: Ms. Myers

Treasurer: Bella Avramov


Submissions Manager: Claire Macero

Print Editor: Emily Tollar

Graphics Manager: Alice Yi


  • Carolina Cuello
  • Sasha Fagelman
  • Robyn Luk
  • David Scibilia
  • Isabella Diamond
  • Jessica Gow
  • Madie Phillips
  • Amari Wilson-Rice
  • Lily Dovciak
  • Andi Ko
  • Cristina Prattico
  • Connie Zhang

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