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Vassar Doesn’t Have a Creative Program

By Anka Chiorini, ’23

Bates is too far Hamilton is too close Vassar doesn’t have a creative writing program Oberlin
and Vassar have pianos in every dorm building I could take cheap lessons at Oberlin.
I can’t get into Williams but I can get into SUNY Geneseo Middlebury is a hard target
what the heck is a hard target I think Colgate is a reach if I apply with SAT can I
afford BU? I can go to Lemoyne for free does name recognition matter? I can’t spell
the other Maine school. I’m not Jewish enough for Brandeis I’m too Jewish for Georgetown
I’m not confident enough for Emerson.
Connecticut College doesn’t have a writing program Vassar still doesn’t have writing program.
I have legacy status at Wesleyan and Santa Clara should I go west?
What’s the difference between early decision and early action my SAT scores aren’t
good enough to submit neither is my ACT score. I’m not
well-read enough to study English can you get a job in the humanities can you
get a foot in the door in STEM? I should have taken the SAT again is test optional
a myth are my scores even that bad they sure aren’t good I know people who got 1500s \would
a convent take me convents don’t require SAT scores I’d probably
join a French convent I should have taken French my five years of Chinese isn’t getting me
anywhere. Vassar doesn’t have a creative writing program I want to go to Oberlin I
can’t go to Ohio I don’t have control over my own body in Ohio stay away from Ohio and just go
to Massachusetts because why would you go anywhere else? You’ll get in everywhere you
apply it’s such a crap shoot mom you haven’t applied to college since the eighties apply
everywhere you want to go
but applications take time why waste time on reach schools I know you want me to go to Vassar
Vassar doesn’t have a creative writing program.