2023-2024, Poem, Writing

Captain Marie

Captain Marie
Lindsay Gaines, '25
There once was a ship
That sailed the high sea,
With its hard working crew,
And bold Captain Marie.

Said Marie to her crew
On one fine summer day,
“A storm is approaching,
It’s mere hours away.”

The crew had their doubts,
For the skies were all clear,
Said one daring young man,
“We’ve got nothing to fear.”

“I say we should trust her,”
Said one of her crew,
“A storm is approaching,
So what should we do?”

The Captain gave orders
To tie down the sails,
She located buckets
To be used as bails.

The ship was all ready
To weather the storm,
Not a moment too soon,
For the rain clouds had formed.

“I guess you were right,”
Said one mate to Marie,
“Now let’s get down belowdecks,
Are you coming with me?”

But Marie did not follow,
She said, “Someone must steer.
Captains go down with ships,
So I volunteer.”

The Captain steered her ship

Through the treacherous waves,
It got very risky,
But still she stayed brave.

Through skill and sheer luck,
The good ship survived,
And the next sunny morning
Saw the whole crew alive.

There once was a ship,
That ruled the high sea,
Thanks to its great crew,
And bold Captain Marie.