2023-2024, Poem, Writing

A season of rebirth and death

A season of rebirth and death
Mykaila Ricks, '26

Winter's icy grip tightens its hold,
Cold winds pierce through the barren land,
Nature slumbers beneath the frost, 
As life retreats, death takes its stand.

The world appears a lonely sight, 
Shrouded in a melancholy gray,
But within this frozen realm of night, 
Hope flickers, awaiting its chance to sway.

For in the depths of winter's embrace, 
Lies the promise of a brighter morn, 
Beneath the frozen ground's cold face, 
Lies the seeds of spring, yet unborn.

As the earth awakens from its slumber, 
Slowly, the ice begins to melt,
Gentle rays of sunlight start to encumber, 
The darkness that once wholly dwelt.

And from the soil, new life emerges, 
Tender shots reach for the sky, 
Blossoms bloom, vibrant and resurgent, 
Nature's palette comes alive.

The cycle of seasons, forever ordained,
Winter's cold gives way to spring's warm embrace, 
Death and rebirth, intertwined and sustained,
A symphony of life, set in the perfect place.

And as the world blooms into a tapestry of hues, 
Happiness dances in each petal's sway,
As warmth and light embrace the blues,
The sorrows of winter slowly fade away.

So, let us find solace in the changing tide, 
In winter's cold, in spring's rebirth,
For within the ebb and flow, we reside, 
Embracing the circle of life's worth.