2023-2024, Poem, Writing

christmas evening

christmas evening
Lysette Stickney, '24

after the wrapping paper has littered our floors
and our bright, cheerful faces have become dim and tired
after the cookies left out for santa are turned to crumbs
and our stomachs feel full and heavy
after the boys and girls shoulders slump slightly
arms fatigued from clutching their new toys and trinkets
after the annual christmas movie has played one too many times 
and popcorn has nestled itself between couch cushions
after green and red has permeated our vision
and various ornaments and pine needles start to fall out of our ears 
after the christmas headache comes to a halt
it is time to start cleaning
and let the lull of merry music fade into the background
it is time to raid our cabinets for one last hot chocolate packet
and embrace the fireplace like an old friend
it is time to tuck this joyous holiday into bed
and yearn for next year