2020-2021, Poem

They and We

Featured in the 2021 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

They and We
Mannat Mahal, '24

Do you think I’ll ever be able to move like them?
Speak like them?
Laugh like them?
It’s not crazy how I think
It’s crazy you don’t think how I think

Leaves caught on fire turn different shades
Turn into ashes and fall
Making us all bare
A white wind comes from the east
White scatters everywhere

It’s how they are not bare
They are covered, while we,
We, are bare

It was nice at first standing still
Until I saw the first Will
Dancing, playing, trotting about
Oh how I wish it were me it was about

Never wanted to trek far
But they made it seem like fun
Walking to nowhere
Through places like me

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