2014-2015, Poem


Featured in the 2014 Fall Issue of Rambunctious

Zev Anbar, '16

America, land of the free and home of the brave
Where anyone can make it
Where all men are created equal and are treated equal
In the eyes of society and the law.

What a pile of shit.

It's true that America is the home of the brave,
But are we really free?
Are we treated equal in the eyes of society and law?

Women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes

Black men are unjustly shot because of the color of their skin

Being expressive is being uncomformative
Therefore you must be shunned

How can this be the land of the free
When we are sliding back
Repeating history.

It is the 21st century People
Yet still a woman can't walk down the street
Without fear of getting raped
A black kid can't go to a store and buy a soda
Without being frisked on the way out
And marriage
Sure now gay marriage is legal in most states
But that does not stop the slurs and derogatory terms
From flying every which way
Through words and the internet.

Goddamn it! 
We are addicted to technology and weed
Alcohol and caffeine
Addicted to some so we can escape
Addicted to others we can keep on going.

America is a land of sliced wrists
Post Traumatic Stress
Attempted suicides
And stone walls built around our hearts.

But still we are the home of the brave.
We are the home of survivors.
Of people who wanted to die but worked through it
Those who have been unjustly accused but forgave
Of soldiers who though their time overseas is up
Continue to serve our country.

We are the country that doesn't stop
That doesn't give in
We are stubborn as the ox that used to plow our farms
We will not stop because someone says no
We will not give in to the names we are called
And we will survive.

We are America
The good and the bad
The addiction and the strength
We are America
Home of the Brave.

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