2014-2015, Poem

Finding a Treasure In The Dark

Featured in the 2014 Fall Issue of Rambunctious

Finding a Treasure In The Dark
Ben Vahey, '15

It’s so dark outside.
I can barely see.
But what I find on the Ground, 
is nothing I know. 

A Smooth Object I find.
Feels clean to me.
When I put it through the air,
it grows heavier.

When I put it down,
it loses weight.
It even can move,
despite the Dark times.

When I touch its bottom,
it feels sharp as nails.
But it doesn’t hurt me.
Its bottom has no force.

When I feel its top,
it feels heavy like a weight.
But when I touch the other parts of it,
it feels the same as the rest of it in the Dark.

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