2021-2022, Poem

A Love Poem for Timothee Chalamet

Featured in the 2021 Winter Issue of Rambunctious

A Love Poem for Timothee Chalamet
Anka Chiorini, '23

I wish, I wish
For Timothee
To fall in love with me.
We’ll walk together on the beach,
Hand in hand to the farthest reach.
He’ll say,
“This is my favorite place to be,
Right where the land meets the sea.”
He’ll flip his hair and flash a smile
And maybe we’ll sit for a while.
Me and him,
Him and me,
Sitting where the land meets the sea.

As we browse at his favorite book store,
I tell him
“I’ve never been in love before.”
But he doesn’t seem to care
As he takes a strand of my unwashed hair
And tucks it behind my blushing ear
As if to say
“Have no fear.”

Reality won’t come crashing down
As we stroll through the buzzing town,
Where people bump and brush and pass...
And I can’t stop thinking about Timothee’s ass.

Our date will end at my front door,
Each of us wanting so much more.
Once we bid each other
I am in my personal hell,
Waiting for him to call me back,
I nearly have a panic attack!
The next morning I awake to a text,
“When can I see you next?”

I know my wish won’t come true,
But even I, just like you,
Sometimes dream of a better place,
Where I can show the bottom of my face

...to the beautiful Oscar nominee
Whom I’ve come to know
As Timothee.