2022-2023, Short Story

“The Search”

Featured in the 2023 Winter Issue of Rambunctious

By Mykaila Ricks, ’26

What is the meaning of life is to get a good job ,and get paid a lot of money ? Or is it to
be as famous as possible to be put into a history book or be put on stage ?

No, that’s not it ,so then what is the meaning of life? Then the meaning is to get a front
row ticket to Waggy Tailyles Concert Saturday !
“Thank you Sarah for that lovely story but the assignment was to find the meaning of
life”. said Mrs .Jackson .”
I know that was the meaning of life at least my life’. said Sarah

“Wow Sarah I didn’t know you could be anymore pathetic” .said James

(Whole class burst into giggles and laughs )

“Ok ,ok settle down class “ . said Mrs.Johnson

“No ,it’s fine “said Sarah

“Not,everyone can accept the fact that my family has a bigger stick than yours”.said Sarah

“ Bark” shut up Sarah “said James

( In Doggieville wealth is determined by the size of the stick each dog family has I know weird
(Whole class burst into giggles and laughs )

“I’ll show you Sarah I’ll show all of you I will have the biggest stick” bark”said James

(After Class)

“ Grrr” said Jake

“Hey ! you alright said Ethan

“No ! she completely humiliated me “bark” said James

“ Yeah she Totally did said Ethan

“Shut it Ethan” said James
“Sorry “said Ethan
“You know what I’m going to go on a quest to find the biggest stick in all of Doggieville
and I will show you the class and Sarah that I’m the Waggest dog in all of Doggieville “said Jake

“Can I come “said Ethan
“Sigh”Sure said James

“ So, here we are hunting ,scolowing to find the biggest stick in Doggieville”. James thought
” James” said Ethan
“ climbing mountains and crossing rivers “ James thought
“James” said Ethan
“ Fighting Cat bandits “ James thought
“James?” said Ethan
“ and searching through …. What .. WHAT IS IT !!
“Um if you don’t mind me asking why are we in the woods “ said Ethan
“ Isn’t it obvious to Find THE BIGGEST STICK IN ALL OF DOGGIEVILLE !!HA HA “said
“But we are in the woods behind the graveyard and it smells very bad like dead fish?” said Ethan
“Eh.. it doesn’t matter where we are it just matters what we are her to find so ehh Stop
complaining” said James

“ Ok?”said Ethan
“ Shouldn’t we be heading home moms expecting us for dinner to night in Peanut Butter and
meatballs night I don’t want to miss it “ said Ethan
“ Ooh Peanut Butter and meatballs my favorite ok let’s head home “ said James

“ WHERE have you to been I have been worried sick “ said Mom
“ we were at the library”said James
“The library huh “said Mom
“Yes mhm” Ethan said nervously
said Mom
“Loretta is the yelling really necessary “said Dad
“ YES,our boys are 30 minutes late for coming home for diner there lying to us not telling us
where they where ,SO YES this yelling is necessary “ Mom said in a stern voice

“Mom”said James

“WHAAT!?!”said Mom

“Sniffs” is something burning”said James
“Gasps”My Bone Cake “said Mom

“BONE CAKE”the boys exclaimed into joy
“Ha no bone cake for Boys who are late for diner and lie to their mothers”said Mom
“And also you both are grounded into your cages “said Mom
(Barks sadly “But Mooooooom”said Ethan
“Do not bark at me like that NOW GO”said Mom
“Sniffs” Okay”said James
(In in the middle of the night)
“Hey hey…”whispered Ethan
“Huh”said James
‘Come on we still have a quest rember “said Ethan
“ No,the quest is off we are grounded remember” said James
“No ,It is not no come on get up”said Ethan
(The boys get up and travel to the woods)
“It’s so dark here “said Ethan
“Yeah its the woods at night what did you expect” said James
(An hour into the search when suddenly a mysterious dog ran by and dropped something)
“”Hey sir you dropped something”Said Ethan
“Hey !”said James
“Look at the stick It’s humongous”said James
(The Boys have never seen a bigger stick in their lives)
“Maybe we should return it to the dog”said Ethan
(They both look at one another and smirk)
“NAHHHHH” said the Pups
“Finderskeeper losers” weepers said James
( The boys head home )
“MOM ..MOM look what we found “said the Pups
“ Huh….Where did you two find such a Big stick”said Mom
“Outside in the graveyard”said Ethan
“And I know we are sorry we went out in the middle of the night even though we are grounded
and it the middle of the night “said James
“Boy I do not care about that we are RICH ,JASON WAKE UP WAKE UP LOOK AT THIS
“Huh….OH MY LORD “BARK ,BARK’said Dad
( The boys laugh )
( The Next day at school)

“ Sweetheart calm down”said Sarah’s Dad
“NO”said Sarah cried
“SARAH did you hear the news “said Annabeth
“No what news “ Said Sarah
“ James and Ethan found the biggest stick in Doggieville and now are filthy rich “said Annabeth
“ What!?! smelly pup James and cowardly Ethan are rich now ?”said Sarah
“Yeah !” said Annabeth
( Sarah walks to find James in a crowd of people
“Out Of My way “said Sarah
“James and Ethan since we are BFFFL (AKA best friends for life ) can you buy me and
Annabeth Front row tickets to Waggy Tailyles ?Please with peanuts butter and doggie treats on
top?” said Sarah
“Hmm let us think about it “said James

“HECK NO!!! “said the Boys