2015-2016, Poem

Fishing: A Mock-Heroic Poem

Featured in the 2015 Fall Issue of Rambunctious

Fishing: A Mock-Heroic Poem
Anna Pluff, '16

Scales of gleaming color
That even the darkness could not quench,
For its tail cast its own fire
As that monster swam through the depths.

My weapon of steel, my weapon of might,
Plunged itself into the waters
As I called that being to fight.
Each heartbeat cried for slaughter.

The moon grinned above me
With its evil, tempting smile,
As if that monster within the sea
Would present me with a heavy trial.

The tug of a line or the tug of a soul?
It mattered not. The waves themselves could not subdue
To my omnipresent strength, he was mine to control.
It was time for our history to be written anew.

With the capture there was no war,
For my cunning dexterity claimed only one victor.
The sunfish dragged upon the shore
And I was left standing, only richer.