2015-2016, Poem


Featured in the 2015 Fall Issue of Rambunctious

Gabrielle Tanksley '17

Sirens scream in the distance
4 am and I'm screaming because we missed it
America the brave
The mighty and the fallen
Doesn't see the point
The back story
Of gun control
And bad patrol
Or the devastating fact that
Guns need controlling
The news stories are always rolling
That a secure America
Has turned into insecure, rash acts
Of selfish self-believers who seem to think that they're this or that
Of people so out of it they'll take the risk
And, in THIS America,
Likely perish

I'm screaming as the sirens wail
That children are sleeping
But America's not well 
And I wonder what it will be 5, 10 years from now
If America will rise up 
Or be selfishly endowed
with the entitled and the invalids, 
Despondent alike
And this lack of hope
This lack of drive
Stopped producing Americans
And created convoluted criminals
Biased and judgmental
And at the end of the day,
Refusing to step up and make a change

Shouting for freedom but forging chains in secret
Before our neighbors can see them
Because in this America the free, the brave, 
use their freedom for everything but the good fight
And aren't brave enough to admit that somewhere,
Things. Aren't. Right.
We Went Wrong
in THIS America
No hypotheses, that's a FACT
Americans, men, women,
Get it through your heads
There's No. Going. Back.

The sirens scream
And wail, crying out for freedom
But these chains are binding
Frantically searching for a key then
Empty, blank, vacuous space
Where are the good souls left to free us