2015-2016, Poem

No Answer

Featured in the 2016 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

No Answer
Cayla Dedrick, '16

I don't have an answer
It's true that the person that you perceive
Is different from what I've become, machinery
grinding together to form a hapless warmth
So distinct from the cool message
that was left

What I am is what is left,
forgetting to try to find an answer
within the message
that I once perceived
looking up at that sky that lived on the warmth
that it stole; The cold that remains machine-like

Makes it hard to be anything but a machine
When all that's left
is falsely described as warmth,
a wrongly interpreted answer
that's easier to perceive
than what that message

is trying to tell you, messages
are misleading, the answering machine
cannot convey human perceptions
when a voice, a few words, are left
and, in spite of its name, there isn't an answer
hidden in treacly warmth

melting in the sun, a warm
feeling engrained in messages
left so long that their answers
have faded, such that machines
are the only ones left
who can perceive

the words that were never for human perception
We're too warm,
too fragile to face the cold we've left
in a single message
That cool voice, a machine
holds no answer

Perceptions makes it hard to find an answer
And warmth is often lost on machines
"At the tone, please leave a message"