2015-2016, Poem


Featured in the 2016 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

Afua Addo, '16

Pain is a swift little thing
moving from the thorn's prick on 
your finger to the tears in your eyes.

she is both despised and feared by 
many who have met her and have had 
conversations with her and the many

who have yet to see her face.
there is so much that we do not know 
about her and maybe we refuse to get

to know her because she has hurt us 
and because she is the thief in the night 
and the black threads at a funeral.

but she is also a mother, one who has 
been through a lot more than many of us 
even bother to think or care about.

see we often forget that everyone and 
everything we see has a soul and regardless 
of its size, a soul is a soul.

though she is an unfortunate part of life, she 
has given the world something so precious, 

how would we be able to see the sun from 
way down here if the clouds didn't cry for hours? 
without Pain, Beauty

true Beauty
would cease to exist in its greatest form: 
out of the depths of Pain.

so I think it's time to let go of our pride 
and thank pain, or at least look her way 
because the good Lord knows

that the world would be a very different 
place without Beauty
and her mother.