2015-2016, Poem


Featured in the 2016 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

Amanda Henderson, '16

Trust is a sickly child
a frail butterfly with one wing
so when I watched you smother the insect in your hands 
I knew it would not survive and it hurt
because it was already weak

And in that moment the wildflowers that surrounded us
turned into wildfires
and when you tried to smother the flames
you were left with only burns on your hands
and on your chest

But how frail are we
to dangle others from an already fraying red string;
a string of trust that's bound to break?
Trust is the child whose hands are always cold
and whose cough never quite goes away

But what about the moments when trust's gentle caress
is irresistible? She returns with open arms
and rosy cheeks
and she promises to never let go
and that she'll do better this time

In its many manifestations, trust is not one entity
neither fraying string, nor sickly child, nor lovely enchantress, nor injured butterfly 
it doesn't really matter at this point
because I just decided
to walk away from the flames