2015-2016, Poem

Red in Tooth and Red in Claw

Featured in the 2016 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

Red in Tooth and Red in Claw
Shiloh Joyner, '16

being chased
is not
a romantic experience.
i can feel
on my neck
i can hear the pounding of feet
behind me
but i know that if i run
they will know it's me they will 
catch up and rip me apart
i have to hide in the crowd 
put on the mask dont
talk about your fears don't
talk about your skin don't
say anything at all
the smaller you are the harder it is for them
to find you
but i am so big
my skin can barely hold it all in
i push at the seams
sometimes i cough up seawater
or find dirt in my bed when i wake 
every second that i am living i 
with the urge to run
run to the woods
the sea
as long as i can get away from 
the machinery the concrete
the polite words that i don't understand 
i will always choose flight over fight 
the slightest hint of anger has me 
wilting, shrinking
my heart beats so hard in my chest 
i fear it will bruise
i fear the wolves can hear it
i fear the wolves will find me
i fear the wolves
i fear