2023-2024, Poem, Writing


Rebeca Mendez Siquier, '25

i keep the plant in a perfect portable pot
because by the time the plant has spread out its roots   far   and   wide   enough
So tangled with the others it is camouflaged

i must rip it out.

The roots, disintegrating to become nothing 
Fertile land so other plants can

But no.

i place my plant in a 

My hands gripping onto as much soil as one can 
Because God forbid it find a perfect plot of land 
For it to                                     f       l       o       o       d, 
Have a drought

The little girl ripped of the “care instruction sticker”
Now 11 years later
i do not know the perfect temperature or conditions the plant should live in

Adaptable or not to moving environments
It has no option but to endure winters
It should have never endured
Hoping it won’t die off, like so many others have before

My plant
Not only does not have more than a-palms-length-of-space 
To mark its history
It breathes out
not oxygen

Destroying itself before any flood or drought can.