2023-2024, Poem, Writing

The World From the View of a Shoe

The World From the View of a Show
Lindsay Gaines, '25

A muddy puddle,
A gravelly street, 
Gum on the sidewalk, 
Hundreds of feet.

Grass on a lawn, 
Weeds at the back, 
Walk on the driveway, 
Hop over a crack.

Wet sand at the beach, 
While the sea’s at low tide, 
A wave splashes up, 
Quick jump to the side.

Old white tiles
And a carpet, dark blue, 
Stained with small paint drops 
And markers, and glue.

Dark colored lining, 
On the floor of a car, 
I drive in the darkness, 
I don’t know how far.

Oil stains, tire stains, 
On the garage floor, 
My steps echo quietly, 
As I walk towards the door.

I enter my home, 
Kicked off to the side, 
Socked feet scamper off, 
As I sit here, still tied.

The life of a shoe
Is an interesting one, 
Now I’ll rest for the night, 
My long day is done.