2020-2021, Poem

it was not your fault

Featured in the 2021 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

it was not your fault
Sophia Caputo, '24

All the women in the world could say it.
But “boys will still be boys”
Consent is no longer a given, but rather a privilege
Dumb and stupid they’ll say she is.
Everything in the world she could be wearing.
Funny how it’s still her fault.
Given, rather than earned.
How it’s her responsibility to “be a lady”
Interrogated for having confidence.
Just when she felt empowered.
Kiss is what it started with.
Love is not what it was.
Made accountable for an action that was
Not hers.
Or was it?
Pretty and dolled up she got for herself.
Questions she’ll be asked.
Refer back to that night?
So you weren’t being provocative?
That’s what really happened?
Under circumstances given do you think it’s your fault?
Vulnerability is what you put yourself in.
Why would you put yourself in that position?
Xanthic shirt was what made him do it
Your fault they’ll say it is.
Zealous is all he was.

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