2020-2021, Poem

She’s Into Blue

Featured in the 2021 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

She’s Into Blue
Connie Zhang, '23

Today is not a sunny day
She walks down the long roadway
She has no shoes, nor socks, nor boots
She walks barefoot. Her hand out loose
The pavement presses each print she makes
Feels cold and smooth, compact and spruce
The day is grey upon hard hitting rain
She holds two sons, her father’s grand-ones,
Hair goes damp and drizzles straight down
The perspective of a mother,
Prior to having a daughter

7 years later, she’s 7 years greater
The mother the dear creator,
her sons her next innovators,
With a new daughter in her hand
She goes again, to her fairyland
The day is not a sunny day
The walk is down the same roadway
She feels the unyielding fall of the rain,
The similar sense from 7 years too same
As if the water cycle was all more true,
The water circled back after everyone grew

14 years later she steps outside
Spreads out the same old arms far and wide
The sons have long left, her daughter’s been blessed
Seems like the same old storm, has come back for a test
It’s not at all a sunny day
But you all should know that’s too close from okay
I’m looking at a woman, she’s standing outside
Eyes closed, arms out, her head held up high
What could she be thinking, so I ask myself
She’s clearly enjoying the weather, and probably herself
She turns around and walks straight in,
A little confusing but she’s not breaking in
What’s so satisfying, ‘bout the sky always crying
I’d rather see the sky happy, with all the neighbors chappy

The mother from before, is the woman I adore
The sons were my brothers,
3 feathers that flock together
The daughter is not my sister, she is not someone new
Her mother’s the one who’s into blue, and
it’s advised for you to come through!

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