2014-2015, Poem

The Passage

Featured in 2015 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

The Passage
Anna Pluff, '16

Our bodies are like boats,
Carrying our souls to their destinations.
We were built to harbor our souls
Against the trials of the sea of life.
We were meant to weather any storm.
We were built strong and carefully
To pass through all the waves we may meet.
Yet sometimes, we are conquered
By the evils of the sea,
The sky is torn open by the lightening
And the red, stormy hue blinds us,
No compass can escape.
Our boats sink,
Bringing our now too heavy souls
With it to the bottom of the ocean.
There is nothing left but darkness
At the pit of the ocean,
Our capsized boats weather away.
And our souls stay trapped below forever.
Yet even so, other boats can weather
Those fearful storms.
Their hulls are not weighed down
By the waters of trepidation.
Sometimes we reach our destination
And the soul is free to depart.
Leaving its ship behind,
Its voyage closed and done.

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