What I Won’t Think About in the Last Seconds of My Life

Featured in 2015 Spring Issue of Rambunctious

By Honoré Lasch-Quinn, ’17

I won’t think about how much money I have or how big my house is. I won’t think about drama or what people think of me. I won’t think of how many texts I have or how many Instagram followers or Facebook friends I have. I won’t think about what shows I’ll miss when I’m gone. I’ll try not to think about the mistakes I’ve made and what I should have done when I still had time. I’ll try not to feel guilty for the people who will cry at my funeral and will miss me when I‘m gone. I will be forced to make peace with my life ending and hold onto the good memories and loved ones and about how they made the bad times worth the trouble. I will listen to my heartbeat slowing down as my life flashes before my eyes and finally ends.

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